North Queensland Championships

22/09/2017 - 24/09/2017

Events are listed in age and gender order. Events are not listed in the order they are to be run. Please refer to the final timetable for event day and time scheduled. Not all events will have entrants.

Latest Completed Heat
Latest Completed Event

Results Boys 4yrs

Boys 60 4yrs
Boys 100 4yrs
Boys Long Jump 4yrs
Boys Shot Put 1.0kg 4yrs
Boys Discus 350gm 4yrs

Results Girls 4yrs

Girls 60 4yrs
Girls 100 4yrs
Girls Long Jump 4yrs
Girls Shot Put 1.0kg 4yrs
Girls Discus 350gm 4yrs

Results Boys 5yrs

Boys 60 5yrs
Boys 100 5yrs
Boys Long Jump 5yrs
Boys Shot Put 1.0kg 5yrs
Boys Discus 350gm 5yrs

Results Girls 5yrs

Girls 60 5yrs
Girls 100 5yrs
Girls Long Jump 5yrs
Girls Shot Put 1.0kg 5yrs
Girls Discus 350gm 5yrs

Results Boys 6yrs

Boys 60 6yrs
Boys 100 6yrs
Boys Long Jump 6yrs
Boys Shot Put 1.0kg 6yrs
Boys Discus 350gm 6yrs

Results Girls 6yrs

Girls 60 6yrs
Girls 100 6yrs
Girls Long Jump 6yrs
Girls Shot Put 1.0kg 6yrs
Girls Discus 350gm 6yrs

Results Boys 7yrs

Boys 60 7yrs
Boys 100 7yrs
Boys 200 7yrs
Boys 60 Hurdles 45cm 7yrs
Boys Long Jump 7yrs
Boys Shot Put 1.5kg 7yrs
Boys Discus 500gm 7yrs

Results Girls 7yrs

Girls 60 7yrs
Girls 100 7yrs
Girls 200 7yrs
Girls 60 Hurdles 45cm 7yrs
Girls Long Jump 7yrs
Girls Shot Put 1.5kg 7yrs
Girls Discus 500gm 7yrs

Results Boys 8yrs

Boys 100 8yrs
Boys 200 8yrs
Boys 800 8yrs
Boys 60 Hurdles 45cm 8yrs
Boys Long Jump 8yrs
Boys High Jump 8yrs
Boys Shot Put 2.0kg 8yrs
Boys Discus 500gm 8yrs
Boys Javelin Turbo exhib 8yrs

Results Girls 8yrs

Girls 100 8yrs
Girls 200 8yrs
Girls 800 8yrs
Girls 60 Hurdles 45cm 8yrs
Girls Long Jump 8yrs
Girls High Jump 8yrs
Girls Shot Put 2.0kg 8yrs
Girls Discus 500gm 8yrs
Girls Javelin Turbo exhib 8yrs

Results Boys 9yrs

Boys 100 9yrs
Boys 200 9yrs
Boys 800 9yrs
Boys 60 Hurdles 60cm 9yrs
Boys Long Jump 9yrs
Boys High Jump 9yrs
Boys Shot Put 2.0kg 9yrs
Boys Discus 500gm 9yrs
Boys Javelin Turbo exhib 9yrs

Results Girls 9yrs

Girls 100 9yrs
Girls 200 9yrs
Girls 800 9yrs
Girls 60 Hurdles 60cm 9yrs
Girls Long Jump 9yrs
Girls High Jump 9yrs
Girls Shot Put 2.0kg 9yrs
Girls Discus 500gm 9yrs
Girls Javelin Turbo exhib 9yrs

Results Boys 10yrs

Boys 100 10yrs
Boys 200 10yrs
Boys 400 10yrs
Boys 800 10yrs
Boys 1500 10yrs
Boys 800 Race Walk 10yrs
Boys 60 Hurdles 60cm 10yrs
Boys Long Jump 10yrs
Boys High Jump 10yrs
Boys Shot Put 2.0kg 10yrs
Boys Discus 750gm 10yrs
Boys Javelin Turbo exhib 10yrs

Results Girls 10yrs

Girls 100 Prelims 10yrs
Girls 100 10yrs
Girls 200 Prelims 10yrs
Girls 200 10yrs
Girls 400 Prelims 10yrs
Girls 400 10yrs
Girls 800 10yrs
Girls 1500 10yrs
Girls 800 Race Walk 10yrs
Girls 60 Hurdles Prelim 60cm 10yrs
Girls 60 Hurdles 60cm 10yrs
Girls Long Jump 10yrs
Girls High Jump 10yrs
Girls Shot Put 2.0kg 10yrs
Girls Discus 750gm 10yrs
Girls Javelin Turbo exhib 10yrs

Results Boys 11yrs

Boys 100 11yrs
Boys 200 Prelims 11yrs
Boys 200 11yrs
Boys 400 11yrs
Boys 800 11yrs
Boys 1500 11yrs
Boys 1500 Race Walk 11yrs
Boys 60 Hurdles 68.6cm 11yrs
Boys Long Jump 11yrs
Boys High Jump 11yrs
Boys Shot Put 3.0kg 11yrs
Boys Discus 750gm 11yrs
Boys Javelin Turbo exhib 11yrs

Results Girls 11yrs

Girls 100 Prelims 11yrs
Girls 100 11yrs
Girls 200 Prelims 11yrs
Girls 200 11yrs
Girls 400 Prelims 11yrs
Girls 400 11yrs
Girls 800 11yrs
Girls 1500 11yrs
Girls 1500 Race Walk 11yrs
Girls 60 Hurdles 68.6cm 11yrs
Girls Long Jump 11yrs
Girls High Jump 11yrs
Girls Shot Put 2.0kg 11yrs
Girls Discus 750gm 11yrs
Girls Javelin Turbo exhib 11yrs

Results Boys 12yrs

Boys 100 12yrs
Boys 200 Prelims 12yrs
Boys 200 12yrs
Boys 400 12yrs
Boys 800 12yrs
Boys 1500 12yrs
Boys 3000 12yrs
Boys 1500 Race Walk 12yrs
Boys 90 Hurdles 76.2cm 12yrs
Boys 200 Hurdles 76.2cm 12yrs
Boys Long Jump 12yrs
Boys Triple Jump 12yrs
Boys High Jump 12yrs
Boys Shot Put 3.0kg 12yrs
Boys Discus 1.0kg 12yrs
Boys Javelin 600gm 12yrs
Boys Hammer 3.0kg 12yrs
Boys Pole Vault 12yrs

Results Girls 12yrs

Girls 100 Prelims 12yrs
Girls 100 12yrs
Girls 200 12yrs
Girls 400 12yrs
Girls 800 12yrs
Girls 1500 12yrs
Girls 3000 12yrs
Girls 1500 Race Walk 12yrs
Girls 80 Hurdles 76.2cm 12yrs
Girls 200 Hurdles 76.2cm 12yrs
Girls Long Jump 12yrs
Girls Triple Jump 12yrs
Girls High Jump 12yrs
Girls Shot Put 3.0kg 12yrs
Girls Discus 1.0kg 12yrs
Girls Javelin 400gm 12yrs
Girls Hammer 3.0kg 12yrs
Girls Pole Vault 12yrs

Results Men 13yrs

Men 100 13yrs
Men 200 13yrs
Men 400 13yrs
Men 800 13yrs
Men 1500 13yrs
Men 3000 13yrs
Men 1500 Race Walk 13yrs
Men 90 Hurdles 76.2cm 13yrs
Men 200 Hurdles 76.2cm 13yrs
Men Long Jump 13yrs
Men Triple Jump 13yrs
Men High Jump 13yrs
Men Shot Put 3.0kg 13yrs
Men Discus 1.0kg 13yrs
Men Javelin 600gm 13yrs
Men Hammer 3.0kg 13yrs
Men Pole Vault 13yrs

Results Women 13yrs

Women 100 Prelims 13yrs
Women 100 13yrs
Women 200 Prelims 13yrs
Women 200 13yrs
Women 400 Prelims 13yrs
Women 400 13yrs
Women 800 13yrs
Women 1500 13yrs
Women 3000 13yrs
Women 1500 Race Walk 13yrs
Women 80 Hurdles 76.2cm 13yrs
Women 200 Hurdles 76.2cm 13yrs
Women Long Jump 13yrs
Women Triple Jump 13yrs
Women High Jump 13yrs
Women Shot Put 3.0kg 13yrs
Women Discus 1.0kg 13yrs
Women Javelin 400gm 13yrs
Women Hammer 3.0kg 13yrs
Women Pole Vault 13yrs

Results Men 14yrs

Men 100 14yrs
Men 200 14yrs
Men 400 14yrs
Men 800 14yrs
Men 1500 14yrs
Men 3000 14yrs
Men 3000 Race Walk 14yrs
Men 100 Hurdles 84cm 14yrs
Men 200 Hurdles 76.2cm 14yrs
Men Long Jump 14yrs
Men Triple Jump 14yrs
Men High Jump 14yrs
Men Shot Put 4.0kg 14yrs
Men Discus 1.0kg 14yrs
Men Javelin 700gm 14yrs
Men Hammer 4.0kg 14yrs
Men Pole Vault 14yrs

Results Women 14yrs

Women 100 Prelims 14yrs
Women 100 14yrs
Women 200 Prelims 14yrs
Women 200 14yrs
Women 400 14yrs
Women 800 14yrs
Women 1500 14yrs
Women 3000 14yrs
Women 3000 Race Walk 14yrs
Women 90 Hurdles 76.2cm 14yrs
Women 200 Hurdles 76.2cm 14yrs
Women Long Jump 14yrs
Women Triple Jump 14yrs
Women High Jump 14yrs
Women Shot Put 3.0kg 14yrs
Women Discus 1.0kg 14yrs
Women Javelin 500gm 14yrs
Women Hammer 3.0kg 14yrs
Women Pole Vault 14yrs

Results Men 15yrs

Men 100 15yrs
Men 200 15yrs
Men 400 15yrs
Men 800 15yrs
Men 1500 15yrs
Men 3000 15yrs
Men 3000 Race Walk 15yrs
Men 100 Hurdles 84cm 15yrs
Men 200 Hurdles 76.2cm 15yrs
Men Long Jump 15yrs
Men Triple Jump 15yrs
Men High Jump 15yrs
Men Shot Put 4.0kg 15yrs
Men Discus 1.0kg 15yrs
Men Javelin 700gm 15yrs
Men Hammer 4.0kg 15yrs
Men Pole Vault 15yrs

Results Women 15yrs

Women 100 Prelims 15yrs
Women 100 15yrs
Women 200 Prelims 15yrs
Women 200 15yrs
Women 400 15yrs
Women 800 15yrs
Women 1500 15yrs
Women 3000 15yrs
Women 3000 Race Walk 15yrs
Women 90 Hurdles 76.2cm 15yrs
Women 200 Hurdles 76.2cm 15yrs
Women Long Jump 15yrs
Women Triple Jump 15yrs
Women High Jump 15yrs
Women Shot Put 3.0kg 15yrs
Women Discus 1.0kg 15yrs
Women Javelin 500gm 15yrs
Women Hammer 3.0kg 15yrs
Women Pole Vault 15yrs

Results Men U16

Men 2000 Steeplechase 76.2cm U16
Men Throws Pentathlon U16
Men Octathlon U16
Men Heptathlon U16

Results Women U16

Women 2000 Steeplechase 76.2cm U16
Women Throws Pentathlon U16
Women Heptathlon U16

Results Men U18

Men 100 Prelims U18
Men 100 U18
Men 200 Prelims U18
Men 200 U18
Men 400 Prelims U18
Men 400 U18
Men 800 U18
Men 1500 U18
Men 3000 U18
Men 5000 Race Walk U18
Men 110 Hurdles 91.4cm U18
Men 400 Hurdles 84cm U18
Men 2000 Steeplechase 91.4cm U18
Men Long Jump U18
Men Triple Jump U18
Men High Jump U18
Men Shot Put 5.0kg U18
Men Discus 1.5kg U18
Men Javelin 700gm U18
Men Hammer 5.0kg U18
Men Pole Vault U18
Men Throws Pentathlon U18
Men Octathlon U18
Men Decathlon U18

Results Women U18

Women 100 U18
Women 200 U18
Women 400 U18
Women 800 U18
Women 1500 U18
Women 3000 U18
Women 5000 Race Walk U18
Women 100 Hurdles 76.2cm U18
Women 400 Hurdles 76.2cm U18
Women 2000 Steeplechase 76.2cm U18
Women Long Jump U18
Women Triple Jump U18
Women High Jump U18
Women Shot Put 3.0kg U18
Women Discus 1.0kg U18
Women Javelin 500gm U18
Women Hammer 3.0kg U18
Women Pole Vault U18
Women Throws Pentathlon U18
Women Heptathlon U18

Results Men U20

Men 100 U20
Men 200 U20
Men 400 U20
Men 800 U20
Men 1500 U20
Men 3000 U20
Men 5000 U20
Men 5000 Race Walk U20
Men 110 Hurdles 99.1cm U20
Men 400 Hurdles 91.4cm U20
Men 3000 Steeplechase 91.4cm U20
Men Long Jump U20
Men Triple Jump U20
Men High Jump U20
Men Shot Put 6.0kg U20
Men Discus 1.75kg U20
Men Javelin 800gm U20
Men Hammer 6.0kg U20
Men Pole Vault U20
Men Throws Pentathlon U20
Men Octathlon U20
Men Decathlon U20

Results Women U20

Women 100 U20
Women 200 U20
Women 400 U20
Women 800 U20
Women 1500 U20
Women 3000 U20
Women 5000 U20
Women 5000 Race Walk U20
Women 100 Hurdles 84cm U20
Women 400 Hurdles 76.2cm U20
Women 3000 Steeplechase 76.2cm U20
Women Long Jump U20
Women Triple Jump U20
Women High Jump U20
Women Shot Put 4.0kg U20
Women Discus 1.0kg U20
Women Javelin 600gm U20
Women Hammer 4.0kg U20
Women Pole Vault U20
Women Throws Pentathlon U20
Women Heptathlon U20

Results Men Open

Men 100 Open
Men 200 Prelims Open
Men 200 Open
Men 400 Open
Men 800 Open
Men 1500 Open
Men 5000 Open
Men 5000 Race Walk Open
Men 110 Hurdles 106.7cm Open
Men 400 Hurdles 91.4cm Open
Men 3000 Steeplechase 91.4cm Open
Men 90 (100 yards) Hector Hogan Open
Men 1600 (1 Mile) Open
Men Long Jump Open
Men Triple Jump Open
Men High Jump Open
Men Shot Put 7.26kg Open
Men Discus 2.0kg Open
Men Javelin 800gm Open
Men Hammer 7.26kg Open
Men Pole Vault Open
Men Throws Pentathlon Open
Men Octathlon Open
Men Decathlon Open

Results Women Open

Women 100 Open
Women 200 Open
Women 400 Open
Women 800 Open
Women 1500 Open
Women 5000 Open
Women 5000 Race Walk Open
Women 100 Hurdles 84cm Open
Women 400 Hurdles 76.2cm Open
Women 3000 Steeplechase 76.2cm Open
Women 90 (100 yards) Campbell Miles Open
Women 1600 (1 Mile) Open
Women Long Jump Open
Women Triple Jump Open
Women High Jump Open
Women Shot Put 4.0kg Open
Women Discus 1.0kg Open
Women Javelin 600gm Open
Women Hammer 4.0kg Open
Women Pole Vault Open
Women Throws Pentathlon Open
Women Heptathlon Open

Results Men 30-49yrs

Men 60 30-49yrs
Men 100 30-49yrs
Men 200 30-49yrs
Men 400 30-49yrs
Men 800 30-49yrs
Men 1500 30-49yrs
Men 3000 30-49yrs
Men 5000 30-49yrs
Men 1500 Race Walk 30-49yrs
Men 110 Hurdles 99.1cm 30-49yrs
Men 400 Hurdles 30-49yrs
Men 3000 Steeplechase 91.4cm 30-49yrs
Men Long Jump 30-49yrs
Men Triple Jump 30-49yrs
Men High Jump 30-49yrs
Men Shot Put 7.26kg 30-49yrs
Men Discus 2.0kg 30-49yrs
Men Javelin 800gm 30-49yrs
Men Hammer 7.26kg 30-49yrs
Men Weight Throw 30-49yrs
Men Pole Vault 30-49yrs
Men Throws Pentathlon 30-49yrs
Men Octathlon 30-49yrs
Men Decathlon 30-49yrs

Results Women 30-49yrs

Women 60 30-49yrs
Women 100 30-49yrs
Women 200 30-49yrs
Women 400 30-49yrs
Women 800 30-49yrs
Women 1500 30-49yrs
Women 3000 30-49yrs
Women 5000 30-49yrs
Women 1500 Race Walk 30-49yrs
Women 80 Hurdles 76.2cm 30-49yrs
Women 100 Hurdles 84cm 30-34yrs
Women 100 Hurdles 84cm 35-39yrs
Women 400 Hurdles 76.2cm 30-49yrs
Women 2000 Steeplechase 76.2cm 30-49yrs
Women Long Jump 30-49yrs
Women Triple Jump 30-49yrs
Women High Jump 30-49yrs
Women Shot Put 4.0kg 30-49yrs
Women Discus 1.0kg 30-49yrs
Women Javelin 600gm 30-49yrs
Women Hammer 4.0kg 30-49yrs
Women Weight Throw 30-49yrs
Women Pole Vault 30-49yrs
Women Throws Pentathlon 30-49yrs
Women Heptathlon 30-49yrs

Results Men 50-109yrs

Men 60 50-109yrs
Men 100 50-109yrs
Men 200 50-109yrs
Men 400 50-109yrs
Men 800 50-109yrs
Men 1500 50-109yrs
Men 5000 50-109yrs
Men 1500 Race Walk 50-109yrs
Men 80 Hurdles 76.2cm 70-74yrs
Men 80 Hurdles 76.2cm 75-79yrs
Men 100 Hurdles 91.4cm 50-54yrs
Men 100 Hurdles 91.4cm 55-59yrs
Men 300 Hurdles 76.2cm 60-64yrs
Men 300 Hurdles 76.2cm 65-69yrs
Men 300 Hurdles 68.6cm 70-74yrs
Men 300 Hurdles 68.6cm 75-79yrs
Men 400 Hurdles 84cm 50-109yrs
Men 2000 Steeplechase 91.4cm 60-64yrs
Men 2000 Steeplechase 91.4cm 65-69yrs
Men 3000 Steeplechase 91.4cm 50-109yrs
Men Long Jump 50-109yrs
Men Triple Jump 50-109yrs
Men High Jump 50-109yrs
Men Shot Put 50-109yrs
Men Discus 50-109yrs
Men Javelin 50-109yrs
Men Hammer 7.26kg 50-109yrs
Men Weight Throw 50-109yrs
Men Pole Vault 50-109yrs
Men Throws Pentathlon 50-109yrs
Men Octathlon 50-109yrs
Men Decathlon 50-109yrs
Men 3000 50-109yrs
Men 2000 Steeplechase 60-64yrs
Men 2000 Steeplechase 65-69yrs
Men 2000 Steeplechase 70-74yrs
Men 100 Hurdles 50-109yrs
Men 300 Hurdles 50-109yrs

Results Women 50-109yrs

Women 60 50-109yrs
Women 100 50-109yrs
Women 200 50-109yrs
Women 400 50-109yrs
Women 800 50-109yrs
Women 1500 50-109yrs
Women 5000 50-109yrs
Women 1500 Race Walk 50-109yrs
Women 80 Hurdles 76.2cm 50-109yrs
Women 300 Hurdles 76.2cm 50-54yrs
Women 300 Hurdles 76.2cm 55-59yrs
Women 300 Hurdles 68.6cm 60-64yrs
Women 300 Hurdles 68.6cm 65-69yrs
Women 2000 Steeplechase 76.2cm 50-109yrs
Women Long Jump 50-109yrs
Women Triple Jump 50-109yrs
Women High Jump 50-109yrs
Women Shot Put 3.0kg 50-109yrs
Women Discus 50-109yrs
Women Javelin 50-109yrs
Women Hammer 7.26kg 50-109yrs
Women Weight Throw 50-109yrs
Women Pole Vault 50-109yrs
Women Throws Pentathlon 50-109yrs
Women Heptathlon 50-109yrs
Women 3000 50-109yrs

Results Men Para U20

Men 100 Ambulant Para U20
Men 200 Para U20
Men 400 Ambulant Para U20
Men 800 Para U20
Men 1500 Para U20
Men 5000 Para U20
Men Long Jump Para U20
Men Triple Jump Para U20
Men High Jump Para U20
Men Shot Put Para U20
Men Discus Para U20
Men Javelin Para U20
Men Shot Put Seated Throw Para U20

Results Women Para U20

Women 100 Para U20
Women 200 Ambulant Para U20
Women 400 Ambulant Para U20
Women 800 Para U20
Women 1500 Para U20
Women 5000 Para U20
Women Long Jump Para U20
Women Triple Jump Para U20
Women High Jump Para U20
Women Shot Put Para U20
Women Discus Para U20
Women Javelin Para U20
Women Shot Put Seated Throw Para U20

Results Men Para Open

Men 100 Ambulant Para Open
Men 200 Ambulant Para Open
Men 400 Ambulant Para Open
Men 800 Para Open
Men 1500 Para Open
Men 5000 Para Open
Men Long Jump Para Open
Men Triple Jump Para Open
Men High Jump Para Open
Men Discus Para Open
Men Javelin Para Open
Men Shot Put Seated Throw Para Open
Men Discus Seated Throw Para Open
Men Javelin Seated Throw Para Open

Results Mixed Para Open

Mixed 400 Para Open
Mixed Javelin Para Open
Mixed Shot Put Para Open
Mixed Long Jump Para Open
Mixed Discus Para Open

Results Women Para Open

Women 100 Ambulant Para Open
Women 200 Ambulant Para Open
Women 400 Ambulant Para Open
Women 800 Para Open
Women 1500 Para Open
Women 5000 Para Open
Women Long Jump Para Open
Women Triple Jump Para Open
Women High Jump Para Open
Women Shot Put Para Open
Women Shot Put Para Open
Women Discus Para Open
Women Javelin Para Open
Women Shot Put Seated Throw Para Open
Women Discus Seated Throw Para Open
Women Javelin Seated Throw Para Open

Results Relays

Boys 240 Junior Relay
Girls 240 Junior Relay
Mixed 240 Shuttle Relay
Men 400 Open Relay
Women 400 Open Relay
Mixed 400 Open Relay
Mixed 400 Masters Relay
Women 400 Masters Relay

Results 12km Road Run

Men 12k Road Run 14-17yrs
Men 12k Road Run 18-29yrs
Men 12k Road Run 30-39yrs
Men 12k Road Run 40-49yrs
Men 12k Road Run 50-59yrs
Men 12k Road Run 60-69yrs
Men 12k Road Run 70+ yrs
Women 12k Road Run 14-17yrs
Women 12k Road Run 18-29yrs
Women 12k Road Run 30-39yrs
Women 12k Road Run 40-49yrs
Women 12k Road Run 50-59yrs
Women 12k Road Run 60-69yrs
Women 12k Road Run 70+ yrs